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In "Condition" Covers are described as "C" = cover; "CF" = cover front only; "CL" = large/long cover; "E" = entire or form; "P" = piece/parcel tag; "PC"= picture postcard; "PS" = postal stationery, "S" = stamp. Significant postmarks are rated after the description ("Caulfield South / Vic cds (A1) on face").

Postmarks are rated for clarity (A,B,C & D) and completeness (1,2,3 & 4) in descending order (so a "B2" strike is legible and almost complete) based on the inscriptions (a "1" may have some part of outer arc or bars missing). Missing pieces of inscriptions are identified either by italics (partly missing) or round brackets (completely missing). Plus and minus signs ("A1-", "A2+") indicate exceptionally good (+) strikes or strikes with faint / hard to read portions (-) respectively.

Datestamps are described as either "unframed" (no outer arc; date in two lines), "framed" (outer arc; date in two lines), "LDL" (large dateline figures; date in one line) or "SDL" (small dateline figures; date in one line).